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Toward a Metamodel Quality Evaluation Framework: Requirements, Model, Measures, and Process
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Software Product Quality Evaluation Guide for Electronic Health Record Systems
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A Possibilistic Simulation Model for Multiplayer Game Scenarios Using CPN Tools
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Generating Adaptation Plans Based on Quality Models for Cloud Platforms
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Software Quality is Multidimensional: Let's Play with Tensors
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Unveiling Practitioners Awareness of Android Apps Regression Testing through an Expert Survey
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Clouds are Heavy! A Storm of Relevant Project-Related Terms to Support Newcomers' Onboarding
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Towards a Model for Managing Diversity and Inclusion in Software Development Teams
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CognIDE: A Psychophysiological Data Integrator Approach for Visual Studio Code
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Death of a Software Ecosystem: a Developer Relations (DevRel) Perspective
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Software Testing Ecosystems Insights and Research Opportunities
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What to Expect from Code Review Bots on GitHub? A Survey with OSS Maintainers
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A Portal for Cataloging Worked Examples Extracted from Open Source Software
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Colloquy: A Method for Conversational API Design
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Managing Assurance Information: A Solution Based on Issue Tracking Systems
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Towards a Framework for Continuous Software Engineering
Monalessa Perini Barcellos

Analyzing Continuous Integration Bad Practices in Closed-Source Projects: An Initial Study
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From Safety Requirements to Just-Enough Safety-Centered Architectural Solutions in Agile Contexts
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Analyzing App Store Comments and Quality Attributes for Defining an Inspection Checklist for Mobile Educational Games
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