Bogdan Vasilescu

Carnegie Mellon University

What Can Analyzing Tens of Terabytes of Public Trace Data Tell us About Open Source Sustainability?

Open-source communities face significant sustainability challenges, from attracting and retaining a diverse set of contributors to fundraising. Through interviews, surveys, and analysis of billions of commits and other public traces, organization, functioning, and overall health of open-source communities were studied. The talk will highlight what the empirical evidence is for a range of research questions about non-technical issues, including: project-level risk factors associated with upstream and downstream dependencies, the value of diversity in open-source teams, factors contributing to longer-term engagement or premature disengagement of contributors, the effectiveness of donations as a funding model, and the role of transparency and signaling in increasing the health of open-source projects.

Bogdan Vasilescu is mostly active in the Software Engineering research community, where he have co-chaired the MSR 2020 Data Showcase, has been serving on Program Committees for the major Software Engineering venues (including ICSE, FSE, and ASE). He is an Associate Editor for the ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology and is co-chairing the SIGSOFT Initiative on Data-driven Introspection, among others.