Davi Reis


The CTO Handbook for Large Architectural Decisions

Technological decisions are in practice bound by several organizational and business constraints, often not studied in depth as much as the intrinsic aspects of the technologies being considered. This talk will dive on the implicit framework used to introduce a new programming language in Loggi, a scale-up stage company, taking into account aspects as hiring, library availability, codebase transitioning and competition.

Davi de Castro Reis, a computer scientist, started his career working as a developer and white hat hacker in the world of ISPs. During his MSc, he worked as database and information retrieval scientist, created the RTDM algorithm, co-authored the CMPH open source library, and joined Akwan, the startup that became Google Brazil. He worked during ten years at Google, leading projects in Search, Mobile and Social Ads. He brought Orkut from zero revenue to profitability and led the Google Pigeon project, improving local search for billions of people. He also co-founded, almost scaled and acquisold WorldSense. He is currently helping to rebuild Brazil's logistics as the CTO for Loggi.